The KLM 621 laser marking-on-the-fly machine from Kistler can be integrated directly into existing punching lines.

Laser marking-on-the-fly (MOF) of continuous materials – high precision combined with high speed

Our LASERmark KLM 621 laser marking machine comes equipped with all the components needed for strip transportation and labeling of continuously produced punched parts with marking-on-the-fly (MOF). The KLM 621 – it can be used for a variety of materials – is a flexible, high-performance system that operates autonomously and can be integrated directly into punching, injection molding and assembly lines. 

The main purpose of rapid, permanent end-to-end marking and labeling of parts is to ensure traceability – a key factor in quality assurance for every production facility. Parts can also be counted and separated. 

Marking and coding continuous material during the production process is a highly cost-effective method – because there is no need to stop the belt, and setup costs are eliminated. 

Another benefit of laser marking-on-the-fly: the exceptionally high cycle rate of over 2,000 workpieces per minute boosts your manufacturing line's productivity. Our LASERmark KLM 621 is designed for continuous operation. Each workpiece can be individually marked with numbers, characters, codes and safety-relevant features. 

Coupling to the process only requires a release signal and an interface to the master control. 

Production facilities where the KLM 621 MOF laser marking system is used
Punching lines, injection molding lines and assembly lines

Equipment features and options

  • Accurately positioned high-precision marking:
    • Plain text: batch numbers, production data (date, time stamp) 
    • Barcodes, data matrix codes, logos
  • Alternating marking is possible
  • Marking speed: up to 2,000 parts per minute for 6-character mark


Laser class:YVO4 / class 4    
Marking resolution:up to 2 µm    
Marking area:125 mm x 125 mm, f = 189 mm    

Laser cell:

Process control:Safety integration via fieldbus    
Dimensions approx.:width = 600 mm x depth = 900 mm x height = 2,000 mm    

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Meets requirements for 100 percent traceability

Productivity boost

Cost-effective solution

Max 25 MB