Kistler at SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2011 in Nuremberg: 100 % Quality Through Measuring Torque in Product Testing and on Test Stands

On Stand 4A-451 in Hall 4A of the SPS/IPC/DRIVES exhibition from 22 to 24 November 2011 in Nuremberg, Kistler is presenting innovations in its range of torque measuring instruments for product testing. Also on display are examples of its test stand systems for motors, engines, transmissions, pumps and compressors.


Kistler, the leading specialist in pressure, force, torque and acceleration measurement is using the new seal of "QUALITY TESTING powered by Kistler" to underscore the benefits of its products to customers. QUALITY TESTING is the seal of 100 % quality in product testing. It stands for zero-defect production achieved through comprehensive quality testing and modern test stand technology using torque measurement.

Flexible and Maintenance-free, Precise and Digital: The New KiTorq Torque Measuring Flange

The KiTorq torque measuring flange is a new addition to Kistler's range of products. The design of its measuring unit and evaluation unit as separate assemblies, and the introduction of modular combination for extremely accurate measurement, allows previously unknown flexibility in measuring torque. Kistler is launching the new sensor with its wide variety of options at SPS/IPC/DRIVES.

The system consists of a measuring unit (rotor) Type 4550A… and an evaluation unit (stator) Type 4541A…. Having a standard configuration to DIN ISO 7646 for transmission flanges, the rotor is compatible with all common test environments and offers a choice of 500, 1 000, 2 000 or 3 000 N∙m as measuring range. Rotors of different sizes can be combined with the same ring-less stator for particularly easy installation. They can therefore be used to test different assemblies without having to completely modify the test unit. The open stator design allows faster installation while protecting against damage, and easier visual inspection during testing. As a system, the KiTorq with fully digital transmission offers an accuracy of 0,05 % and a signal bandwidth of up to 10 kHz with maximum dynamic response and precision. A speed sensor with 60 pulses per revolution is already incorporated in the standard model.

The stator supplies frequency as well as analog and digital signals. All signal outputs are fully scalable via RS-232C or USB. The user can accommodate a particular test by overriding the rotor's original measuring range with the range over which the full output signal is to be available. It is also possible to define and output freely selectable second measuring ranges at each output. There are several calibration options available for the configurable output signals of the KiTorq system. When replacing an individual rotor or stator, the notional calibration values can be calculated to avoid the user needing to have the unit recalibrated by the manufacturer.

The solid measuring flange is extremely robust and contactfree signal transmission allows maintenance-free operation. It has been tested to EN 60068-2-27 for mechanical shock, to EN 60068-2-6 for triaxial vibration and to EN 61326-1 for interference immunity. The new measuring flange is ideal for use in test stands for electric motors and internal combustion engines, transmissions, pumps and compressors in automobile, power, aerospace, mechanical, medical and process engineering.

In addition to this new flange, Kistler offers a wide selection of other torque sensors. For instance, strain gage sensors measure torques on rotating shafts of between 0,2 and 20 000 N∙m. Piezoelectric sensors measure reaction torques of 0,1 to 1 000 N∙m in product testing. Kistler also has 2-component sensors for tension/compression force and reaction torque in its portfolio.

Test Stand Systems for Electric Motors and Transmissions in Development, Production and Quality Assurance

Kistler's presence at SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2011 is also intended to emphasize its expertise in test stand systems for motors, engines and drives as well as transmissions, pumps and other driven components. The main products are electric motor test stands with and without loads for development and laboratory, generator test stands for development, continuously durability test stands for electric drives and generators, drives for measuring friction value on rotating or pivoted components, and test stations for production monitoring.

Kistler's test stand related portfolio ranges from mechanical components, such as drive test setups with torque sensors, through small test stands with torque/speed measurement and manual or external control, to comprehensive computer-controlled solutions for analysis and documentation of electric machinery.

The selection of different mechanical and instrumentation components allows the ideal test stand to be chosen for each measurement task. With scalable optional features such as lifting platforms, adjustable holders for test assemblies, integral torque calibration devices, gearing stages for adjusting torque and speed, climatic chambers and soundproof cabinets, Kistler designs and manufactures custom test stand solutions.

At SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2011 Kistler is giving a live demonstration of a torque test stand based on the key component of the new KiTorq system torque measuring flange. It is intended for electric motors in a variety of test situations. These include testing and optimizing efficiency in development, determining the energy efficiency class, measuring the characteristic, heating tests and many other measurement and test functions.

Kistler at SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2011: on Stand 451 in Hall 4A 

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