Space Simulation Conference

Deep Freeze Performance

Kistler has a reputation for offering sensors that consistently perform under extreme conditions such as liquid helium environments. Because so many space test applications on Earth now require testing under Space temperatures, Kistler has developed an exclusive line of sensors that operate well below LN2 temperatures for these applications. Other extreme applications have shaped Kistler sensor design criteria as well. These include use of sensor elements reflecting advanced technology, ruggedized construction using selected materials and engineered miniature electronic circuitry.

Kistler will highlight accelerometers and force sensors for cryogenic environments:

• Quartz shear sensing element
• Low impedance, voltage mode operation
• 5 g to 500 g measuring ranges
• Low mass, miniature size
• For testing to -268 °C or -453 °F (please call Kistler)

Kistler can be found on Booth 01.

Space Simulation Conference
14.11.2016 - 15.11.2016
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Annapolis, MD, USA

Bill Zwolinski
Sensors Technology General Manager
Kistler Instrument Corp.

Tel. +1 716 691 5100
Mobile +1 716 812 9933

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