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Measuring Machine Tool Cutting Forces

This course on a specific application conveys the fundamentals of cutting force measurement and allows participants to gain initial experience with real measurements on machine tools.


- Introduction to piezoelectric multicomponent-force measurements
- Fixed and rotating cutting force dynamometers
- Handling measuring instruments and acquisition of measurement data
- Brief introduction to cutting forces and machining parameters
- Measurement interpretation

In addition to presentations of various lectures, the participants can perform measurements on machine tools under supervision. The resultant data is then discussed in the group and made available to the participants together with the course documentation.


General information on Kistler training courses
Please send your registration/cancellation in writing to the contact person below. As attendance is limited, please send us your registration at the earliest possbile opportunity. The course fee covers all seminar documentation and refreshments during the course.
You may cancel your attendance without incurring charges up to three weeks before the start of the seminar. In the event of later cancelllation or failure to attend, we will charge you the full course fee.
Kistler reserves the right to cancel or amend the course for compelling reasons.


Registration and further information
Mrs. Annette Rasch
Tel. +49 7031 3090 0


Participants can perform unsupervised measurements on machine tools with piezoelectric cutting force dynamometers and interpret the data obtained from turning, milling and drilling processes.

Grupo destino

The course is primarily intended for research and industrial measurement technicians who have access to Kistler cutting force dynamometers and want to learn more about their machine tool applications. A prior knowledge of the fundamentals of metal cutting processes and forces is an advantage.


1 day (9:00 am - 4:30 pm)

Código de curso