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Handling of Cylinder Pressure Sensors

Accurate cylinder pressure measurement and combustion analysis is dependent first and foremost on the quality of the pressure signals. However, signal quality is not only affected by the sensor itself, but also by the handling and installation.


An introductory presentation will briefly explain the principle of cylinder pressure measurement on combustion engines and its importance for engine development. The introduction will concentrate on the various sensors used and especially on their design and ideal areas of use. The selection and mounting of the pressure sensors is of vital importance and considerable information is provided on this subject.
Cylinder head models, various pressure sensors and all tools required are available for the participants to use. Working in small groups under guidance, sensor bores will be checked and reworked, and sensors mounted in line with standard practice using the optimum tools. Participants will work with all types of cooled and uncooled pressure sensors, including those with glow plug adaptors and measuring spark plugs. The practical exercises will also include cleaning of pressure sensors and making insulation and functional checks on them.


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Mrs. Annette Rasch
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The participant contributes to better data quality, longer sensor life and better test stand utilization through improved handling of pressure sensors.

Grupo destino

All users of cylinder pressure measuring chains on engine test stands and in test vehicles. This seminar is aimed especially at employees involved in sensor selection, design considerations and production of sensor bores, the calibration and the mounting of pressure sensors. Participants are expected to have practical experience with combustion engines.


1/2 day (9:00 am – 1:30 pm)

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