Digital radiographic testing as performed by Kistler involves 3D imaging of the test object.

Digital radiographic testing

Digital radiographic testing involves two-dimensional imaging of the test object to map its density. We use digital detectors instead of films. The x-ray images can be sent directly to you, with high resolution. This allows you to interpret the results more quickly, so you need less time to process your orders.

Our equipment allows radiography of parts with wall thicknesses of up to 18 cm, depending on the type of material.

Here is one of our digital radiographic test reports as an example.

Instead of films, Kistler uses digital detectors for digital radiographic testing.

Kistler uses digital detectors in digital radiographic tests for 2D imaging of the test object.


Testing using the new GE X|Cube 225 kV

High-resolution radiographs displayed as tif files

Testing of metallic and non-metallic materials

Max 25 MB