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Laboratories accredited to ISO 17025 record measured values

Calibration in ISO17025 accredited laboratories

Traceable calibrations are performed by laboratories accredited to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. This standard implements the definitions and specifications of the International Vocabulary of Metrology and ensures the quality of the laboratory’s performance. A calibration is basically defined as the recording of measured values with the applicable measurement uncertainty. A calibration records the measured values and lists them on the calibration certificate together with the respective measurement uncertainties. Only traceable calibration in an accredited laboratory guarantees complete metrological proof up to the national standards. This is required by norms such as IATF 16949.

Reference standards for accredited calibration laboratories



Reference standards for accredited calibration laboratories

Accreditation bodies and certificates of Kistler calibration laboratories


Kistler Germany (KLR): ISO 17025; accreditation for torque (DAkkS)

Kistler Deutschland (KLR): ISO 17025; Akkredierung im Bereich Drehmoment (DAkkS)

Kistler Deutschland (KDE): ISO 17025; Akkreditierung im Bereich Kraft, Druck und Beschleunigung (DAkkS)

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