Measurement data management solutions for diverse industrial sectors

Kistler works with many different companies across a varied range of industrial sectors. We are often asked to provide applications for research and development departments and manufacturing facilities. We also provide support for competitive and recreational athletes as well as educational institutions. Kistler is proud to serve a diverse spectrum of customers who trust in our purpose-designed, easy-to-use solutions for processing measurement data – including efficient implementation of web-based applications.

Automotive R&D

There is no doubt that the automotive industry leads the world in innovation. Crash tests, road tests, NVH analyses or engine test benches – for all these applications and more, Kistler supports R&D departments in the automotive industry by providing efficient solutions to manage measurement data. Our reliable metrological software supports the work of automotive R&D engineers and helps to ensure profitability – thanks to benefits such as ease of use, individual configuration support and the ability to perform comprehensive tests.


Measurement data management and analysis software from Kistler is used in processes to develop and maintain rail vehicles. Safety and maintenance of these vehicles depends on appropriate software solutions. Our metrological software is used for many rail applications including UIC analyses, temperature monitoring and vibration analyses. It also paves the way for the development of railway vehicle components, including braking systems in particular.


Aviation is a highly complex application area that demands intensive research and development procedures. Our software solutions for measurement data management and analysis can support various tasks in aviation R&D: examples include route visualization, center of gravity calculations and engine testing. Also, please consult our specialized portfolio of sensors and systems for aviation testing.

Construction engineering

The safety of bridges and buildings must be maximized to allow economic growth and provide an efficient transport infrastructure. Thanks to measurement data management and analysis software from Kistler, damage to bridges and other structures can be detected and remedied at an early stage. Increasing traffic volumes and various environmental influences can cause additional stress. Metrological monitoring and continuous data acquisition are critical factors in this context.


The energy industry plays a key part in shaping the future of our society. Energy generation and consumption are part and parcel of economic profitability. Drawing on over 20 years of experience, Kistler provides software solutions for measurement data management and analysis in all segments of the energy industry, ranging from for intra-corporate energy analyses to tailor-made technology solutions.

Medical technology

The medtech sector is an innovative and interdisciplinary field of research. As well as helping to improve healthcare, this sector plays an important part in the response to demographic change and an increasingly aging population. Our software solutions for measurement data management and analysis are used for various applications in the medtech sector: examples include pharmaceutical production (tablet presses), evaluation of motion analyses and dental technology.

Sports and leisure

Kistler software solutions to acquire and evaluate performance data are a valuable source of support for both professional and leisure athletes. This data is of the utmost importance for athletes and coaches in professional sport – it provides a sound basis for valid statements about optimal movements and use of force. These processes can be adapted and optimized thanks to combined analysis of video recordings and force measurement data. GPS data can also be included for evaluation when processes need to be examined over a longer distances (in sports such as cycling).


To show its support for educational institutions, Kistler offers its software solutions for measurement data management and analysis to them free of charge. Academic and scientific staff at all levels benefit from live demonstrations and evaluations for a variety of applications, for example in physics departments. Our jBEAM software solution  is compatible with commonly used digital multimeters, so data can be collected and evaluated during an experiment or demonstration.

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