The right model for every application

The KiDAQ data acquisition system (DAQ) is modular and can be expanded to accommodate a broad range of applications. The measurement modules are available in three designs, offering you maximum flexibility for your measurement needs.

For mobile and stationary use – the KiDAQ Portable

The KiDAQ Portable measuring system is ideally suited for stationary and mobile measuring applications with high flexibility requirements. Depending on the measuring task and requirement, the compact, rugged case can accommodate up to 13 measuring modules. Battery operation is also possible.

For demanding stationary applications – the KiDAQ Rack

The compact, powerful KiDAQ Rack measuring system is based on 19-inch technology with three height units and was designed for permanent installation on test benches and in industrial laboratories. The system is suited for an extensive range of measurements with many measuring points and a large number of channels. Up to 13 measurement modules can be used to meet a variety of requirements. A modified design including handles for easier operation on the laboratory bench is available as well.

For industrial environments – the KiDAQ DIN Rail

The KiDAQ DIN Rail measuring system is ideal for use in industrial environments. Thanks to the standardized mechanical fastening, any number of various measurement modules can easily be installed with the other components of a system.

Don’t know which measuring module you need? Our measurand overview can help you compare modules and find the right solution.


Modular and flexible configuration

Simple-to-operate software

Faster, more reliable test setup

Increased measuring certainty thanks to transparency along the entire measuring chain

Precise time synchronization of all measuring units with PTP

Cloud-based platform enables future add-ons, including from partner companies

Max 25 MB