Press force sensors

Press Force Sensors

The Press Force Sensors are ideal for measuring both dynamic and quasistatic forces. The factory preloading and adaptability of these practical designs ensure readiness for immediate use. The Press Force Sensors come in six different sizes which are divided in seven measuring ranges.

  • Compression forces from 0 ... 100 N to 0 ... 700 kN
  • Each individual sensor offers an extremely wide measuring range
  • Calibration certificate for 3 measuring ranges: 100%, 10% and 1%
  • SCS calibration optional

The flange connections at both ends allow flexible mechanical adaptation of the sensor to suit the particular machine environment. The included centering rings also facilitate axial adjustment. The piezoelectric element's special characteristic of approximately constant measuring accuracy over a substantial range allows the same press force sensor to be used for a wide spectrum of forces. The extremely high degree of overload protection obviates involved protective measures when using the lowest measuring ranges. For direct integration in the control, we recommend our digital or analog charge amplifiers.

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Simple mechanical adaptation with flanges on both ends

Easily mounted in connecting rods or press plungers

Factor of safety against overload of up to 100 when using lowest ranges

Max 25 MB