THOR-50M crash test dummy – thorax assembly: high process reliability thanks to intelligent system integration

With respect to the DTI instrumentation, the thorax assembly of the dummy forms the central element, as the data recorder is housed in the spine box. All bus lines come together here and are made accessible here to the outside world.

Housed in the chest area are, among other things, four KIR-TRACCs, which record the deformation of the ribs at the specified locations in a crash test. The simple mechanical adjustment of the angle of inclination of the lumbar spine by means of a locking mechanism is another unique feature of the THOR-50M ATD from Kistler.


Single-source provider

Instrumentation in accordance with regulations (Euro NCAP and US NCAP)

Kistler is responsible for the entire system

Made in Germany


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Precisión máxima en la medición durante el proceso.

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