Weigh In Motion (WIM) system – enabling a fair, weight-based tolling

The Weigh In Motion (WIM) system KiTraffic Plus for weight-based tolling helps to generate additional revenue for road construction and ensures road usage fees are fair. Based on the “polluter pays principle”, road users are charged a toll according to their vehicle’s actual weight and associated road surface wear.

Thanks to the accurate (up to 2.5% GVW) and reliable Weigh In Motion (WIM) systems from Kistler for weight-based tolling, road owners and operators can sanction weight limit violations immediately and deny overloaded vehicles access to bridges or roads. Using integrated cameras, the KiTraffic Plus system can identify vehicles directly, which allows for levying the toll automatically, without hindering the flow of traffic.

Our fully automated measurement systems transmit data in real time, based on which fines for overweight and fees for using toll roads are calculated depending on the vehicle weight. 

Weight-based tolling with the Weigh In Motion (WIM) system KiTraffic Plus:

  • Accurate and reliable weighing of vehicles at any speed with an accuracy of up to 2.5% GVW
  • Robust and maintenance-free Lineas quartz WIM sensors, sub-surface sensors available
  • Scalable for monitoring any number of lanes
  • Automatic identification of overloaded vehicles
  • Easy integration into existing, manual or automated toll collection systems
  • OIML-R-134 certified and compliant with COST 323 & ASTM E1218-09

Call us and we will provide you with a reliable manual or fully automated WIM system convenient for charging toll fees.


Fair calculation of tolls

Higher revenue to cover maintenance expenses

Punishment of weight limit violations

Deny access for overloaded vehicles


Maximum measurement accuracy in your process.

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Application-oriented expertise – right from the start.

Reliably plan your life-cycle costs.

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