Speed enforcement

Precise speed enforcement with mobile measuring solutions from a single source

As one of the main causes of traffic accidents, speeding presents police and municipalities with significant challenges. Speed monitoring devices such as mobile measuring systems have been proven to help improve traffic safety — particularly when they correctly measure and record the speed of high-risk groups such as motorcycle drivers. 

The certified speed enforcement solutions from Kistler allow speed to be flexibly monitored in a wide range of possible scenarios: be it a truck, passenger car or motorcycle — whether downtown, on the open highway or on a mountain pass — the versatile complete system for precise speed enforcement is based on the latest optical measurement technology with the single-side sensor ES 8.0. It facilitates the efficient evaluation of incident data thanks to user-friendly evaluation software – full competence from forty years of practical experience ensures legally valid documentation.

Mobile speed enforcement
Mobile speed enforcement

One system for all measurement needs: the flexible solution for precise mobile speed enforcement.

Stationary speed enforcement
Stationary speed enforcement

The alternative to the mobile measurement solution: stationary, weatherproof and protected against vandalism.

Data management software for traffic monitoring
Data management software for traffic monitoring

One software for all tasks: efficient data processing with esoDigitales3


Our all-inclusive package: from evaluation software and patrol cars to repairs.

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KiTraffic Digital WIM system been awarded the OIML certificate F5, confirming it as the most accurate Weigh In Motion solution.
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