Space testing with Kistler – a good decision

Space flight is an exceptionally demanding industry for new product development and quality control. Equipment often has to be lightweight, robust and durable because it is subject to challenging environments characterized by broad and extreme temperature ranges, pressure fluctuations, shock and vibration levels.

We work in partnership with renowned aerospace centers all around the world. Our space testing expertise allows us to offer you in a proven choice of force, torque, pressure and acceleration sensors based on piezoelectric (PE), integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE), strain gage or piezoresistive technologies and that are designed for space payload or rocket testing.

Best-of-market features of our measurement equipment: widest triaxial force capability, highest sensitivity for micro-vibration measurements, maximum stability even at very high temperatures, and most sensitive cryogenic capability.


Extremely lightweight accelerometers with low outgassing, wide temperature ranges and high temperature-stability capabilities

Most sensitive cryogenic capacities

Broad triaxial force capacity featuring high natural frequency and very low crosstalk

Innovative cloud-based DAQ solutions

Professional customized force dynamometer design and manufacturing

Outstanding service

Max 25 MB