Large engine monitoring based on exact cylinder pressure measurement

If there is one key factor in monitoring large engines, it is cylinder pressure. Constant measurement of this parameter is the only source of reliable information on the combustion process that is crucial for continuous optimization – the bedrock for cost-effective and safe engine operation. Cylinder pressure sensors from Kistler are designed for the specific demands of monitoring large marine and stationary engines.

Kistler’s many years of experience in engine diagnostics, operation monitoring and engine management (Closed Loop Combustion Control – CLCC) ensure long-term stable, efficient and sustainable solutions. However, close collaboration with the engine manufacturer is crucial so that the exact installation and operating conditions are taken into account. When new engines are being designed, it is possible to influence key sensor parameters during the development process: these include the installation position in the cylinder, the type of seal and the electrical interface.

Saving resources with monitoring of marine and stationary engines

The optimization of the combustion process not only helps prevent engine damage, but also enables resource efficient operation: With solutions from Kistler, fuel savings of up to 2% per year and large engine can be achieved – an average reduction of environmental pollution equivalent to about 200 tonnes of CO2 per engine. Furthermore, monitoring of marine and stationary engines also enables dual and multi-fuel operation – another step towards more sustainability and resource efficiency.

Closed-loop combustion control in large engines is enabled by continuous real-time monitoring of cylinder pressures.
Closed-loop combustion control-CLCC based on continuous monitoring

Rugged piezoelectric sensors and measuring chains from Kistler deliver high-precision data for continuous operational monitoring of large engines.

Cylinder pressure monitoring from Kistler supports customers to monitor 2- and 4-stroke engines
Offline – engine diagnostics

In order to raise engine efficiency and reduce emissions, reliable cylinder pressure measurement is indispensable.


Maximum operational reliability thanks to tried-and-tested, high-quality products

Reproducible, high-resolution cylinder pressure measurement

Precise engine feedback to optimize combustion

Lower fuel consumption

Reduced emissions

Customer-specific solutions for every application

Ideal for engines with flexible fuel options (multi-fuel)

Reduced service outlay

Attractive ROI thanks to long sensor lifetimes

New piezoresistive pressor sensor – universal applicability even under harsh conditions and in small spaces.
The  latest M8 cylinder pressure sensor (6041C) from Kistler breaks new ground in measurement excellence.
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