Power and energy testing solutions

Power & Energy testing and monitoring – measurement solutions to boost eco-efficiency

All life on Earth is driven by energy. The power industry is the backbone of the industrial world: it supplies the essential energy for our homes, factories, computers, transport and communication networks. Throughout human history, we have been searching for more abundant and more efficient sources of energy. The result: the diversity of today's energy sector – ranging from wind, water and nuclear power to the oil and gas industry, and the grids that distribute energy to consumers. For the power industry, testing and monitoring are crucially important – and technology from Kistler is deployed worldwide to perform these vital functions.

For nuclear power plants, Kistler can offer sensors to measure and analyze flow-induced vibrations in the air, and in static as well as pressurized water. In the hydroelectric power sector, Kistler supplies sensors to detect cavitation and for pressure pulsation and water hammer monitoring. Ceramic shear sensors from Kistler are used for modal analysis of wind turbine blades; the oil and gas industry opts for Kistler sensors to detect leaks on pipes and valves, and for flow testing and monitoring. And operators of gas turbines depend on high-temperature technology from Kistler to test and monitor combustion. In short: state-of-the-art power industry testing and monitoring solutions from Kistler are precisely tailored to the needs of the world's energy providers.

On October 7 and 8, 2020, Kistler will be hosting the vEXPO virtual trade fair for automotive research and vehicle testing.
Kistler launches a new uniaxial accelerometer for vibration testing at extremely high temperatures.
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