Maritime and naval measurement technology

Measurement technology for maritime and naval applications

90% of all goods transported across the world are carried by sea. Marine cargo transport is a green alternative to road and air transportation – but on the high seas too, higher efficiency and optimized resource usage are critical goals. Measurement technology for maritime and naval applications from Kistler help to achieve these objectives.

Kistler offers complete measuring chains for hydrodynamic testing applications
Hydrodynamic testing solutions for maritime and naval applications

Our hydrodynamic testing systems are deployed worldwide to improve ship integrity and optimize propulsion systems: applications include sloshing, slamming and towing tank tests. And our monitoring solutions for marine engines, based on exact cylinder pressure measurement, are the key to cost-effective and safe engine operation.

On October 7 and 8, 2020, Kistler will be hosting the vEXPO virtual trade fair for automotive research and vehicle testing.
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