RoaDyn wheel force transducers rental system

RoaDyn rental system

RoaDyn wheel force transducers are preferred measuring devices for vehicle dynamics measuring campaigns or the acquisition of operating loads. The modular RoaDyn rental system by Kistler provides the opportunity to utilize RoaDyn wheel force transducers fast and flexible.



  • Acquisition of load collectives for typical vehicle driving maneuvers
  • Input data for the design of new structural elements
  • Verification of load assumptions
  • Determination of test stand control data for street simulators
  • Development of active control systems such as ABS, ESP, etc.
  • Analysis of the vehicle behavior for typical or critical driving situations
  • Development data for fatigue calculations and numerical simulations
  • Development of computer models



  • Fast delivery
  • Various combinations of rims and sensors available
  • Internal and external transmission of the signal data
  • CAD models of all RoaDyn wheel force transducer sensor-rim-combinations are available in the downloads section
  • Simple combination of additional sensors for vehicle dynamic tests




Max 25 MB