Optical testsystems – high-precision control to meet complex requirements

Optical test systems in the Kistler VIDEOcheck (KVC) series have a proven track record in applications such as quality assurance for punching processes (KVC 620 or KVC 42x), where they ensure fast and accurate 100% control of mass-produced parts, small parts, series parts. Six different testing principles provide the basis for our standard machine concepts, depending on the material to be tested – continuous material, single parts fed in as bulk or individually positioned workpieces – and the type of feed.

All the test systems feature a modular structure and are generally designed as standalone solutions.

The scope of these solutions includes conventional feed components such as vibratory and linear conveyors as well as belt conveyors which transfer the test objects onto an inclined plane or a rotary plate, depending on the type of plant. Increasing use is also made of servo axes and robots when test criteria make it necessary to handle the parts in these ways.

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