Servo press | Electromechanical joining systems

Servo presses – electromechanical joining systems offering maximum energy efficiency

By choosing servo presses, you can substantially improve your carbon footprint and play a valuable part in climate protection. How?

A study by the University of Kassel* proves that operation of these systems delivers outstanding energy efficiency and immense potential for savings. Conventional hydraulic applications require 4.4 times more energy than their electromechanical counterparts – and with pneumatic technology, the energy requirement is up to ten times greater.

Because electromechanical joining systems (servo presses) offer higher efficiency: they enable you to make energy savings of 77% as compared to hydraulic systems; in relation to pneumatic solutions, you can save as much as 90%.* And that's not all: as well as reducing your CO2 emissions thanks to high energy efficiency, you will also cut your operating costs.

When you opt for the advantages of process-integrated electromechanical joining systems / servo presses:

  • You play a valuable part in climate protection
  • You enhance your product quality
  • You boost your plant productivity
  • You cut your operating costs

Learn more about how to reduce operating costs thanks to maximum energy efficiency and low-maintenance operation. Simply contact us for further details!

* Study by the University of Kassel (2012)

Assembly press | Joining modules
Assembly press | Joining modules

Thanks to their high energy efficiency, electromechanical joining modules from Kistler reduce CO2 emissions from your plant – so they help to counteract climate change. Choose our sensors, measuring chains, monitors or evaluation units and electromechanical joining modules for precise monitoring and control of press-fit or joining processes

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