Process monitoring during spot welding using sensor technology from Kistler assures the quality of spot welds.

Optimize process monitoring and quality assurance for spot welding – with precise sensor technology

Process monitoring and control that is comprehensive, precise and reliable, is the key factor to ensure stable quality assurance and full process transparency in spot welding. Our sensors can be positioned flexibly – within machine structures, on robotic welding guns, connecting points between push-rods and drives, or even directly in welding gun drives. Individually configurable charge amplifiers and excellent equipment for welding gun calibration round out our portfolio.

Quality assurance for spot welding – advantages of using sensor technology from Kistler:

  • Full welding process transparency
  • 100% traceability and quality control
  • Zero-defect production
  • Piezoelectric sensors are not adversely influenced by electrical/magnetic pulses
  • Piezoelectric sensors show no ageing and theoretically have an unlimited lifespan
  • Possibility of implementing adaptive, force regulated, welding processes
  • Retrofit solutions available

Reliable process monitoring for spot welding turns quality assurance into your quality insurance. When it comes to spot welding, automotive OEMs, robotic welding gun- and welding machine manufacturers around the world rely on Kistler technology: simply contact us.


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