Practical assistance systems deliver optimal support

The ComoNeo process monitoring system supports users not only during the setup phase, but also when recovering injection molding processes that have already been successfully validated. ComoNeoGUARD is the ideal assistance system to give users reliable support with defining the scrap boxes. And to avoid losing time when restoring a process (after a machine changeover, for example), ComoNeoRECOVER is the solution of choice.

ComoNeoGUARD is a tool that generates and positions the monitoring boxes for good/bad evaluation itself – guiding you quickly and seamlessly to the scrap limits. The results define the evaluation types and the relevant limits. Thanks to this approach, parts can be monitored and segregated into good and bad with high precision – and pseudoscrap (i.e. "presumed" scrap) is reduced.

ComoNeoGUARD provides users with support for definition of the correct scrap limits. This eliminates the need for specific previous knowledge when setting up full process monitoring.

Simple user guidance

This automated method requires an existing established process with good parts. Taking this as the basis, ComoNeoGUARD selectively changes the machine parameters to trigger a new cavity pressure profile, with the result that the part's characteristics change. After this, the user can take measurements or perform an optical assessment to evaluate the produced parts, and then decide whether the relevant cavity pressure profile is good or bad.

Systematic changes make it possible to work through the process window within a short time and then to repeat the steps performed until sufficient information is available for automatic placement of the EOs (Evaluation Objects) to monitor the parts. Users themselves can decide when to discontinue EO evaluation. The more test cycles are completed, the more accurately the EOs can be placed.


Users are guided through the individual steps 

Know-how is integrated within the system, so no specialists are needed 

More accurate evaluation limits (as wide as possible, as narrow as necessary) 

Scrap is segregated more accurately 

Pseudoscrap is reduced 

Systematic procedure, not dependent on individual staff members 

System is teachable, so it can increase the accuracy of the scrap limits 

Standardized, documented procedure 

Option of choosing the monitoring strategy (e.g. one EO across multiple cavities)

ComoNeoRECOVER enables users to transfer pre-established processes from one machine to another with no problems at all. This makes it easy for users who have no previous specialist knowledge of cavity pressure to optimize processes and improve part quality. The Restart module is integrated in the system. The purpose of this module is to reproduce the quality of an established injection molding process identically on a new machine. Thus, ComoNeoRECOVER is used not only as a monitoring instrument but also as a tool to optimize injection molding processes.

Know-How integrated in the Assistant

Thanks to this module, processes can be quickly and systematically optimized after a machine change, with the help of user guidance. As the basis for the procedure, the Assistant needs a reference curve representing a process of good quality. Once the reference cycle is stored and the Assistant is launched, measurement and analysis of the current process can begin. For this purpose, the current machine parameters are fed into the system as reference points. A detailed analysis then shows where there are deviations from the reference cycle. Based on the degree and position of the deviation, the Assistant automatically suggests changes to the machine parameters. After checking the results, new changes are suggested on the basis of the deviations and the Assistant's accumulated experience of previous changes. Process optimization is completed when the cavity pressure profile deviations are reduced to a tolerable level.


Users are guided through the individual steps

Know-how is integrated within the system, so no specialists are needed

Systematic procedure

Standardized, documented procedure

Transparent, no dependencies on individual staff members 

Time is saved on process start-up 

Part quality differences are minimized when manufacturing on different machines 

Users' process understanding is actively developed 

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