Transparent process monitoring and control with ComoNeo

The Industry 4.0. vision has already emerged as a reality in the injection molding sector. The focus is on consistent digitization – leading to enhanced product quality and increased cost-efficiency. Continuous monitoring and control of the entire production chain is essential to meet the demanding requirements set by Industry 4.0. Kistler's response: ComoNeo and ComoDataCenter, two system components from its portfolio that enable novices as well as experienced users to monitor and control their processes with precision and efficiency.

Whether you want useful assistance with setting up the injection molding process, a system that can optimize process monitoring and control, or a quality prediction tool: the ComoNeo system is the ideal choice for countless different applications – the perfect way to get ready for the future world of networked injection molding production.

Overview Product & Features


Zero-defect production

Reduced quality costs

Optimum process efficiency

Guaranteed process management

Optimized cycle times

Lower personnel costs

Increased plant efficiency

Fast amortization

Max 25 MB