Kistler, Stuttgart,  offers fluorescent dye penetrant testing (PT).

Fluorescent dye penetrant testing

In dye penetrant testing, a special fluid is applied to the material's surface; thanks to its good ability to penetrate voids, it seeps into any cracks that are present. After the fluid is extracted, the cracks or porous points are made visible by applying a color-contrast developer.

Here is one of our fluorescent dye penetrant test reports as an example.

With fluorescent dye penetrant testing (PT), as offered by Kistler, minute material damage (e.g. cracks) becomes visible.

With fluorescent dye penetrant testing, minute material damage (such as cracks) becomes visible.


Fluorescent dye penetrant testing with new Karl Deutsch (KD) station

Detection of cracks down to the size of one micrometer

Allows for testing of all metallic materials

Max 25 MB