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Accredited calibrations and service calibrations of measurement equipment provide the basis for precise measurements.

Why calibrate with Kistler?

Kistler is a global market leader in dynamic measurement technology. Quality and utmost precision are our daily goals – not only for the high-tech products we manufacture but also for our customer-focused services. Traceable calibrations and service calibrations of measurement equipment provide the basis for precise measurements. Kistler offers a full range of calibration services tailored to your specific needs.

Kistler is your partner for traceable calibrations certified to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

Traceable calibrations are performed by laboratories accredited in accordance to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. Only traceable calibration in an accredited laboratory guarantees a complete metrological proof as required by national standards. This is necessary for compliance with norms such as IATF 16949.

Calibration delivers added value

A calibration gives you feedback about a measurement instrument's metrological behavior. Is it precise? Is it repeatable? Does it have linear characteristics? These questions can only be answered once a calibration has been performed. After a second or third calibration (ideally carried out by the same calibration provider), confidence in the instrument can also be proven by data: this creates the basis for further decisions on issues such as recalibration intervals. All measurement instruments are exposed to environmental influences throughout their lifetimes. Wear and tear, an overload or a crash can damage your equipment or change its properties: these events could falsify the data you obtain – but instrument users might not even be aware of such problems.

For all these reasons, periodic calibrations are essential to ensure that your measurement equipment operates precisely and reliably.

Confidence in your measurement data

Calibration and periodic recalibration of your equipment will ensure that you obtain correct measurement data.

If a calibration shows that the properties of your equipment have not changed (green tick), this verifies that your equipment is in proper condition to obtain correct measurement data. However, the calibration results could also indicate changes to the properties of your equipment (red cross). The exact point in time when the properties changed is unknown – but from then on, any measurements would be incorrect because the settings should have been adjusted. Confidence in your measurement data is lost. You have to doubt the results of all measurements taken since the last calibration. Periodic calibration at suitable intervals will increase confidence in your measurement data and your equipment. Precision is a safety issue.

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