Kistler Calibration Services

The Kistler calibration service guarantees that our sensors and systems function properly during their entire service life and offer a sound basis for precise and reliable measuring results. Regular recalibration ensures accuracy and consistency of measurement results and has become a fundamental part of most quality assurance programs.

Kistler operates a worldwide calibration network with laboratories in Japan, China, India, France, Great Britain, USA, Germany, Czechia, Italy and Switzerland. This network of laboratories enables Kistler to locally offer standardized calibration services which are documented by a certificate and there traceable to national and international standards with short turnaround times and low transport costs.

Kistler engineers and calibration experts have developed application-oriented calibration procedures specifically for Kistler sensors and devices. Measuring ranges, loading profiles, boundary conditions and evaluation algorithms are defined to suite the sensor / device. Furthermore, application-specific boundary conditions such as temperature, frequency and mechanical pre-loading are incorporated into the calibration procedures for most Kistler sensors.

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