MaDaM demo

The MaDaM demo includes the complete search function and the option for generating server-based reports. Due to licensing reasons, some functions such as importing or editing test data and interactive reports are not available in the demo version.

Brief instructions for the demo:

First steps

Click on the link to Madam demo and log in as 'Demo User'. The MaDaM dashboard shows an overview of previously imported measurement types (examples). The menu bar is on the left. To switch languages, click on the user icon to the right of the top bar.

Search measurements

Measurements can be filtered with different facets, displayed on the left side. One point can be selected per facet. You can also combine various facets. Another option is to filter via the intuitive search request – Help is available for this. To do this, enter your request in the search box at the top. You can then use the "Edit saved search requests" button to edit and save your request.

Evaluate measurements

To pull measurements down into the selection area, press the relevant selection button or use drag-and-drop. You can also activate report templates by left-clicking, or disable them by right-clicking on the lower left part. Use the relevant buttons to download your selection or generate a pdf.

Max 25 MB