Data Ranger efficiently manages locally stored test results

Data Ranger scans a complete hard drive or parts of it for test data files. It extracts metadata and statistical values from all measuring channels. These processes are underpinned by 25 years of experience with test data. The basis for them is MaDaM, our high-end solution – Data Ranger integrates MaDaM's intelligence into a compact system for local use.

  • Base directories and relevant measurement file types can be configured
  • Scanning process can be launched manually or automatically on system start
  • Runs continuously in the background
  • Original files are used for the complete workflow
  • Scanned files are tagged during indexing to avoid double scans, even after files are moved to another folder
  • Searches for measurements are based on their:
    – File information
    – Extracted meta information
    – Calculated statistical values
Max 25 MB