MES Solutions

Manufacturing Execution System solutions (MES) from Kistler – for enhanced transparency in production

Productivity is one of the key objectives for industrial manufacturers. To achieve this goal nowadays, it is essential to obtain precise data on processes, performance and resources. Manufacturing Execution System solutions (MES) from Kistler offer real-time capability, so machine downtime and deviations from target values can be identified promptly. Analyses and evaluations help you to optimize production control and capacity utilization – and also to cut your costs. Solutions from Kistler play a critical part in many companies where the focus is on applications for Industry 4.0.

On older machines, automatic data acquisition (Machine Data Acquisition or MDA) is handled reliably with PLC controls. The state-of-the-art solution for more modern machines is to use standard protocols for direct integration into the system landscape via master computer interfaces or controls. Runtimes, operating modes, cycles and energy consumption statistics are documented reliably.

Manual entries or bookings (production data acquisition or PDA) enrich the process data with flexible order-related information. Causes of malfunctions, scrap and quality data as well as scheduled start/end times and interruptions are acquired directly from the resources. Another benefit: paperless factory due to decentralized availability of documents in the shopfloor via the system. Manual/assembly workstations can be integrated seamlessly.

Our MES solutions are also used for digital management of maintenance processes for machinery, tools or molds. The range of add-on options includes user-friendly planning functions, dashboards, and business analytics.

As a further advantage, the comprehensive Manufacturing Execution System standard software can be integrated via standard interfaces in line with customers' specific requirements. This enables fast data exchange with the ERP system or other enterprise software.

As well as machine and operation data acquisition (MDA/ODA), you can select function modules that range from planning (PLAN), maintenance and servicing (MAIN) and traceability (TRACE) to quality assurance (QA). Even if you have a diverse mix of machinery in your facility, our MES solution ensures end-to-end process data acquisition (PDA) and data numerical control (DNC). Another benefit: our new web-based order terminal offers you maximum flexibility on the shop floor. The ERP interface (ERP LINK) guarantees a bidirectional connection to master systems, making it easier to update data.

Complete transparency and an extensive functional scope are your keys to optimal production control and enhanced efficiency. In addition to injection molding (our core competence), we also offer you support for a large number of other industrial processes such as press-fitting, turning, punching, extrusion, welding and part assembly.


Transparency in production

Targeted production optimization

More reliable assessment of production performance

Minimized response times

End-to-end documentation of manufacturing steps

Enhanced transparency in plastics processing
A new Center of Competence for production control and management systems will be opened in Aachen.
At Fakuma 2017, we will demonstrate how you can benefit from new ComoNeo functionalities
Kistler is taking over IOS GmbH (Germany), provider of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).
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