Detect Overloaded Vehicles in Real Time: Enforcement Systems with Kistler's Weigh-in-Motion Technology

Measurement technology from Kistler makes the enforcement of loading limits more efficient, while improving traffic safety and preventing unfair competition among transport companies. What’s more, Kistler’s WIM systems collect valuable data for infrastructure planning and help reduce public spending on road maintenance.

Janet Loss
Sales Representative
Janet Loss

Lineas® WIM Sensor

Type 9195G

The Lineas Quartz WIM (weigh-in-motion) sensor is measuring very accurately wheel and axle loads and determining gross vehicle weight under rolling traffic conditions.

Kistler WIM System (OIML Certified)

Type 9835AE

The compact and prewired WIM system contains all key components to set up a WIM site rapidly and perform weight measurements. Suitable for the detection of overloaded vehicles and continuous traffic monitoring.

WIM Charge Amplifier

Type 5163A

Robust charge amplifier specifically designed for Kistler Lineas WIM sensors with charge output (Type 9195GC...).