Best Force Plates for Peak Performance in Sports

Precise knowledge of force development over time is the essential basis for peak performance in sports. Piezoelectric measurement systems from Kistler detect forces and moments accurately and reliably. What's more, our highly versatile force plates can all be used for a variety of purposes. They are also optimized for diverse applications in the fields of competitive sports and performance diagnostics.

Janet Loss
Sales Representative
Janet Loss

Performance Analysis System for Swimming, Starts and Turns

Type 9691A

Complete, portable performance analysis and feedback system to help improving swimming starts and turns. Force and video analysis for immediate feedback for coaches and athletes.

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Kistler MARS - Measurement, Analysis & Reporting Software

Type 2875A

Performance analysis software for Power & Strength, Balance & Stability. Extensive and intuitive measuring testing modules with efficient data management and reporting tools.


Sports & Performance Analysis with Kistler

Quattro Jump, Performance Analysis System for Vertical Jumps

Type 9290CD

Easy to use and portable performance analysis system to asses the performance of the lower extremities and give immediate feedback. USB data acquisition and Kistler MARS Software.

Multi-component Force Measurement for Sprint Starts

Type Z20982

Measures forces, moments and the center of pressure during a sprint start (right and left). Individual adjustment of block position and angle. Easy installation on running tracks.

Instrumented Pole Vault Planting Box Force Plate

Type Z20903

Multi-component force plate designed as instrumented pole vault planting box for the measurement of the forces exerted by the pole; 5 kN