Top Quality in the Bolting Process: Comprehensive Process Monitoring for Joining

Kistler's piezoelectric reaction torque sensors deliver precise torque measurements. Handheld screwdrivers can be reliably calibrated. Friction values can be measured for subsequent verification of the strength of bolted connections. Integrated solutions with rotating torque sensors allow direct measurements during bolting.

Rich Marinucci
Sales Representative
Rich Marinucci

2-Component Force Reaction Torque Link, Fz up to ±20 kN/ ±4.49 klbf

Type 93X5B

piezoelectric sensors for high resolution measurement of dynamic changes on nonrotating shafts.


  • Mz up to ±200 N∙m
  • Dimensions (D / H)  39 / 42 to  56.5 / 60 mm
  • Connector V3 neg.

1-4-Channel Charge Amplifier, adjustable Range up to 1000000 pC

Type 5073A

analogue amplifier for industrial application


  • Open measuring range 100 pC … 1000000 pC
  • Bandwidth ≈ 0 kHz up to 20 kHz
  • *Connector BNC / TNC / D-Sub 9p/15p
  • *Output Voltage / Current
  • Control via IO / RS232


Mini-Smart Torque Sensor

Type 4502A

The sensors operate according to the strain gage principle. The analog output signal of 0 to 5 VDC is transferred without contact. Integral angle/speed measurement is optional.

Torque Sensor with Slip Ring Transmission

Type 4501A

Torque sensors Type 4501A... work in accordance with the DMS principle and supply an analog output signal in mV/V. They are optimized for use in the screw driving assembly. Not only the feeding of the supply voltage but also transmission of the measurement signal between the rotating shaft and the case take place via high-quality, long-life slip rings. These torque sensors are used mainly as...

1-Channel mini Charge Amplifier, Range 100 … 100000 pC

Type 5030A

tiny analogue amplifier for industrial application


  • *measuring ranges 100 pC … 100000 pC
  • Bandwidth ≈ 0 kHz up to 10 kHz
  • Connector 10-32UNF / M12 8p
  • Output Voltage
  • Control via IO


1-Component Reaction Torque Links, Mz up to ±1000 N∙m

Type 93X9A


  • Mz ±1 N∙m to ±1000 N∙m
  • Dimensions (D / H)   20 / 26 to 100 / 130 mm
  • Connector KIAG 10-32 neg.
  • Preloaded and precalibrated, ready to measure

Dual Range Torque Sensor

Type 4503B

The sensor with built-in speed sensor up to 8192 pulses per revolution function in accordance with the strain gauge principle. The integrated digital measure value pre-processing generates analog and digital output signals

1-Component Reaction Torque Sensors, Mz up to ±200 N∙m

Type 90X9


  • Mz ±5 N∙m to ±200 N∙m
  • Dimensions (D / d / H)   28.5 / 13 / 11 to 52 / 26.5 / 15 mm
  • Connector KIAG 10-32 neg.
  • Calibration after installation