Monitoring and Control Sensors from Kistler: Onboard Sensor Technology for Peak Performances in Motor Sport

Kistler's compact pressure sensors ensure the highest signal quality combined with maximum reliability – yet they require a minimum of space. Customized onboard solutions assist engineers with detecting problems at an early stage; they also allow optimization of engine performance and make it possible to monitor systems of every type.

Sue Davis
Sales Representative
Sue Davis

Miniature Charge Amplifier

Type 5177A

The compact charge amplifiers of Type 5177A are specifically developed for onboard operation on racing circuits or test sites. It converts the charge from piezoelectric cylinder pressure sensors into a proportional voltage.

M6 Piezoresistive Absolute Pressure & Temperature Transducer

Type 4080AT

Type 4080AT features, in addition to the media separated pressure module, a protruding PT1000 probe and allows an accurate combined measurement of pressure and temperature.

The unique 4-wire concept with conditioned voltage outputs ensures highest interface flexibility. Type 4080AT is FIA homologated.

M6 Piezoresistive Absolute Pressure Transducer

Type 4080A

With its media-separated measuring element and a high-precision integrated signal conditioning, the most popular applications such as hydraulic, coolant or brake systems perfectly can be covered.

The type 4080A is FIA homologated.

M5 Miniature PiezoStar® Cylinder Pressure Sensor for Combustion Engines

Type 6054BR

The compact font-sealed pressure sensor boasts precise measurements despite minimal mounting space. Due to its high natural frequency it is ideal for measurements during strong vibrations.