KiBox from Kistler: Mobile On-Board Indication in Vehicles and on the Test Stand

The KiBox complements our product range for engine combustion analysis and has been specifically designed to provide detailed information, and for onboard or test stand use. Measurement data is recorded with parallel calculation and output in real time. This information provides insights into the quality of combustion in terms of performance, efficiency, emissions and comfort.

Sue Davis
Sales Representative
Sue Davis

Crank Angle Adapter

Type 2619A

Crank Angle Adapter to use the engine 's crank angle sensor in conjunction with CrankSmart.

2-Channel Piezoresistive Amplifier for engine combustion analysis

Type 4665B1

Amplifier for piezoresistive pressure sensors with analog signal conditioning, suitable for SCP Slim and KiBox.

  • Automated sensor identification PiezoSmart®
  • Simple absolute pressure adjustment
  • Digital signal output for temperature via CAN-BUS

Glow Plug Adaptor for Cylinder Pressure Sensors

Type 654xQ

Customized Glow Plug Adapters allow cylinder pressure measurements on diesel engines without additional measuring bores. The sensor 6056A / 6058A is positioned close to the combustion chamber to allow a high signal quality.

M5 PiezoStar® Cylinder Pressure Sensor for Glow Plug Adapters

Type 6056A

This cylinder pressure sensor offers good temperature stability of the sensitivity, low thermal shock error and long service life. The highly miniaturized connector allows an installation in glow plug adapters of different length.