Piezoelectric Force Plates for Precise Measurement Results

Measurement systems from Kistler reliably measure all the forces that cause human movement. What's more, our highly versatile force plates can all be used for a variety of purposes. They are also optimized for diverse applications in the fields of kinesiology and ergonomics.

Janet Loss
Sales Representative
Janet Loss

Robust, waterproof force plate 20 kN

Type 9253B11

Robust and waterproof force plate, 20 kN, 60x40 cm, for dynamic measurement with excellent measuring accuracy and high natural frequency.

Hand Force Measuring System for Ergonomics and Biomechanics

Type 9809A

Hand force measuring and analysis system for recording the orthogonal force components and  moments for  evaluating  mechanical loads and stresses on the body in ergonomics.

Large Multi-Component Force Plate with Glass Top Plate

Type Z20565

Multi-component force plate, 90x60 cm, 10 kN, with glass top plate to measure ground reaction forces, moments and center of pressure in biomechanics.

Data Acquisition System for up to 8 Force Plates

Type 5695B

64 ch USB Data Acquisition System for up to 8 Kistler force plates. Extensive triggering and synchronization options as well as analogue output for all signals.