Cavity Pressure Systems from Kistler: Accurate Process Monitoring for Injection Molding

Kistler's cavity pressure systems ensure a full-range approach – from the actual measurement through to comprehensive documentation of cavity pressure. Customized monitoring of tolerance limits by piezoelectric sensors means that process deviations are detected at an early stage, so unnecessary rejects are avoided.

Rich Marinucci
Sales Representative
Rich Marinucci

ComoDataCenter 3.0

Type 2829D

This software links all the user's ComoNeo and CoMo Injection systems, combining process- and quality-related production data for both live and completed orders in one database.

Multi-Channel Connector, 4 or 8 Channels

Type 1722A

Multi-Channel Connector for the easy and comfortable connection of up to 8 sensors with Single-Wire or coaxial cable.


  • Operating tempearture 0 ... 120 °C
  • Mold Detection
  • For extension Cable to ComoNeo Type 1995A
    (4 channel) or 1997A (8 channel)

Temperature Sensor, direct measuring ø4 mm

Type 6192B

Temperature Sensor for contact temperature measurement with a very short reaction time.


  • Temperature Range 0 ... 450 °C
  • Thermocouple Type K