Test Stand Technology from Kistler – Reliable Testing and Measurement Technology for Optimum Drive Systems

Kistler supplies scalable test stand solutions geared to specific applications. Kistler’s broad-band high-precision measuring technology ensures synchronous acquisition of electromechanical measurement signals to ensure both online and offline evaluations of efficiency, dynamics and stability are possible at every operating point.

Rich Marinucci
Sales Representative
Rich Marinucci

Test stand for electric motors and electric drive systems

Type 550957

Automated tests for measurement and certification of energy efficiency according to IEC 60034-2-1

E-Mobility / Automotive

Type E-00465

High-precision determination of the performance characteristics of EV / HEV drive systems. Load test stands for automated test sequences for R&D or quality control.

Test stand for power tools

Type 548414

Test stand for power tools in the fields of R&D, certification and quality control