Complete Systems from Kistler for Reliable Measurements of Longitudinal and Transverse Dynamics

Braking distance measurements, steady-state circular course driving or double lane change tests: no matter what the challenge, Correvit technology delivers precise information on vehicle dynamics. Our system solutions for vehicle dynamics, comprising sensors, data acquisition systems and software, are suitable for vehicles of all types.

Sue Davis
Sales Representative
Sue Davis

KiRoad Performance

Type 9817A...

Compact electronics unit for supply, configuration, signal processing, and data output of up to 4 RoaDyn wheel force transducers (WFTs); for rotating and stationary applications.

KiRoad Performance provides powerful and synchronous data management with future-oriented extension options making the device capable of mastering every application situation.

Read more about KiRoad Performance here

HF Sensors: Optical Laser Height-Sensors

Type CHFA...

For non-contact distance measurement in vehicle dynamics testing applications; for example uplift measurements, spring deflection, dynamic tire flat spotting, tire lift-off (Fishhook Test).

Working ranges of 100 … 900 mm.

Correvit SFII: 2-Axis Optical Sensors

Type CSF2A...

For high-precision measurement of distance, speed and angle in vehicle dynamics testing applications.

Small and lightweight (180 ... 250 grams); with long-life, vibration-resistant infrared LED illumination. Suited for racing applications.

Correvit S-HR: 2-Axis Optical Sensors

Type CSHRA...

Featuring a high-resolution, low-noise angle signal.

For high-precision measurement of distance, speed and angle in vehicle dynamics testing, for example: ISO 4138 steady-state circular-course driving, ISO 7401 step steering input, tire research. 

Correvit S-350: 2-Axis Optical Sensors

Type CS350A...

For high-precision measurement of distance, speed and angle (e.g. tire slip angle) in vehicle testing applications.
Large working range, suited for measuring transverse dynamics with cars, utility and off-road vehicles.

Correvit S-Motion: 2-Axis Optical Sensors


For high-precision measurement of distance, speed, and angle in vehicle dynamics testing applications (for example ISO 4138).

High accuracy and measurement frequency; low adjustment effort; short setup time; no running-in procedure required.

DTI-Logger - Data Acquisition System

Type 5343A

The system is designed for recording measuring data as well as for configuration, synchronization and power supply.

The DTI-Logger uses DTI technology which means an end-to-end bus system for the complete application. Signals are digitized as needed and converted into a DTI signal directly in the DTI sensors or - when using already existing systems - with the help of corresponding Kistler DTI...

Correvit L-Motion: 1-axis Optical Sensors

Type 5335A..., 5337A...

For high-precision, slip-free measurement of distance, longitudinal speed and acceleration for vehicle dynamics testing, e. g. DIN 70028 braking distance measurement with straightforward ABS braking, ISO 14512 braking on one-sided slippery track surface when driving straight-ahead. 

Correvit L-Motion sensors are designed for application under extreme testing conditions, e. g. measuring...

Correvit L-350 Aqua: 1-Axis Optical Sensors

Type CL350A...

For application under extreme testing conditions, e.g. measuring longitudinal dynamics on snow, ice, and wet surfaces.

Outstanding accuracy; 250 Hz measurement frequency; large working range: 220 ... 480 mm, suited for SUV and truck applications.

Microstar II: Microwave Sensors

Type CMSTRA...

Microstar II Sensors are designed for longitudinal vehicle dynamics tests which require a large working range, making them ideally suited for off-road applications.

Working range 300 … 1200; applicable from 0.5 … 400 km/h.

MSW Sensors: Measurement Steering Wheels for Car or Truck


For measurement of steering moment, steering angle, and steering speed; with sampling rate of 1 kHz.

Optional: steering angle stop for special driving maneuvers like sudden steering input, sinus steering or zero-point determination.

RV-4 Sensors: Wheel Vector Sensors

Type CRV4A...

For simultaneous measurement of all wheel positions and orientations in 5 axes.

Complete acquisition of the wheel movements; robust design; easy mounting; extendable for slip angle measurement; resistant to splash water, engine oil, and anti-freeze.

RoaDyn P106: Wheel Torque Transducer for Cars and SUVs

Type 9294B

For measuring the traction torque My of cars and SUVs up to a maximum torque of ±6000 Nm.

For application in the fields of driving stability, traction control, ABS systems, force distribution, coasting moment, and others.

RoaDyn P1HT: Wheel Torque Transducer for Commercial Vehicles

Type 9299A

For measuring the traction torque My of utility vehicles up to a maximum vertical wheel load of 120 kN. The maximum traction moment is ±50 kNm.

The P1HT can be retrofit into a S6XT by exchanging the load cells.