Quality Assurance for Deep-Drawing: Excellent Process Monitoring Thanks to Kistler

Piezoelectric measuring sensors from Kistler facilitate direct or indirect monitoring of presses and forming processes. Kistler sensors are deployed in the hydraulic line of the press, in the press tool or in the columns of the press. Force-displacement progressions can be monitored by state-of-the-art monitoring systems with data visualization. In case of internal process evaluation, the measurement signals can be made available via a charge amplifier.

Rich Marinucci
Sales Representative
Rich Marinucci

Surface Strain Sensor, με ±600

Type 9232A

With its low weight, this tiny piezoelectric sensor is perfect for indirect force measurement on lightweight-structures


  • Dimensions (L / B / H)  40 / 17 / 15 mm
  • Connector KIAG 10-32UNF neg.
  • High sensitivity
  • Overload proof

1-Channel Piezotron® Coupler for Acoustic Emission

Type 5125C...

Acoustic Emission Coupler to be used with 8152C... sensor. Built-in RMS converter and limit monitor, plug-in filter modules, rugged case, vibration-proof construction, CE compliant. IS/ATEX options available.

1-4-Channel Charge Amplifier, adjustable Range up to 1000000 pC

Type 5073A

analogue amplifier for industrial application


  • Open measuring range 100 pC … 1000000 pC
  • Bandwidth ≈ 0 kHz up to 20 kHz
  • *Connector BNC / TNC / D-Sub 9p/15p
  • *Output Voltage / Current
  • Control via IO / RS232