Combustion Analysis Technology with Kistler: Accurate Cylinder Pressure Measurement for Combustion Analysis in Vehicles and on the Test Bench

Kistler offers a comprehensive portfolio of combustion analysis technology for a variety of applications, ranging from water-cooled and uncooled piezoelectric cylinder pressure sensors to measuring spark plugs and glow plug adapters with integrated miniature pressure sensors. Piezoresistive absolute pressure sensors for gas exchange and injection pressure measurements with digital temperature compensation guarantee maximum precision. Kistler's high-performance products also include the KiBox and SCP signal conditioning systems.

Sue Davis
Sales Representative
Sue Davis

2-Channel Piezoresistive Amplifier for engine combustion analysis

Type 4665B2

Amplifier for piezoresistive pressure sensors with analog signal conditioning, suitable for SCP and SCP Compact.

  • Automated sensor identification PiezoSmart®
  • Simple absolute pressure adjustment
  • Digital signal output for temperature via CAN-BUS

New Measuring Spark Plug with miniature Pressure Sensor

Type 611xC

The Measuring Spark Plug type 6115C includes the world's smallest piezoelectric cylinder pressure sensor. This allows quality cylinder pressure measurements to be executed, without the need to machine complex additional measurement bores. The measuring spark plug is available in numerous heat values in size M10, M12, M14, to suit various applications.

M14 Water-cooled Absolute Pressure Sensor

Type 4049B

This compact, robust sensor for measuring gas pressure at very high temperature is particularly suitable for measuring exhaust pressure in combustion engines. With digital compensation and PiezoSmart® for maximum measurement accuracy.

M8 water-cooled PiezoStar® Cylinder Pressure Sensor

Type 6041B

The sensor with M8x0,75 thread is the smallest of its kind. It convinces with very high sensitivity, excellent thermodynamic properties and long service life.

M8 PiezoStar® Cylinder Pressure Sensor for Combustion Engines

Type 6045B

A further development of Type 6045A, this sensor boasts minimized sensitivity change over the whole temperature range and low linearity deviation. Its modified pressure-resistant crystal-package (for pre-ignition) allow a long service life.

PiezoStar® Cylinder Pressure Sensor for Combustion Engines

Type 6124A

The newly developed robust cylinder pressure sensor Type 6124A is universally applicable and convinces with its high sensitivity and excellent thermodynamic properties. Its pressure-resistant crystal-package (for pre-ignition) is perfectly adjusted, which ensures excellent linearity and minimal sensitivity change over the temperature range.

Crank Angle Encoder Set for speed range from 0 ... 12000 1/min

Type 2614CK

The Crank Angle Encoder Set provides the reference for measurements related to the crank angle and is used for engine combustion analysis.

  • TTL- and LVDS signal output
  • Auto adjustment of encoder and electronic
  • Suitable for start measurements

M14 Water-cooled Reference Cylinder Pressure Sensor

Type 7061C

The new generation water cooled precision reference sensor with its extremely high sensitivity is ideally suited for combustion engine research and for thermodynamic investigations.

M5 Miniature Absolute Pressure Sensor (high temperature)

Type 4007D

The all-purpose sensor for operating temperatures up to 200°C has low mass, high natural frequency and low acceleration sensitivity. With digital compensation and PiezoSmart® for maximum measurement accuracy as well as with enhanced media compatibility.

M10 High Pressure Sensor

Type 4067E

High pressure sensor with robust diaphragm and front seal for measurements at hydraulic systems (combustion engines injection systems). For static and dynamic pressure. With digital compensation and PiezoSmart® for maximum measurement accuracy.

Universal Absolut Pressure Sensor

Type 4011A

The universal and versatile adaptable pressure sensor is particularly suitable for the intake and exhaust pressure measurement on combustion engines. With digital temperature compensation and PiezoSmart®. Media separation through steel membrane. Temperature sensor output for monitoring.