Signal Conditioning

Signal Conditioning

This Component Finder will make it easier for you to search for signal processing solutions that can be used for general measurements in research and development or in test laboratories. As well as generic signal processing solutions, Kistler offers a vast range of customized solutions for signal processing in specific applications (see the information box on the right).

Accurate, low-noise processing of the sensor signals that are emitted is essential to obtain measurement results that can be utilized. Kistler offers an attractive portfolio of solutions for signal processing and subsequent data digitization. Piezoelectric sensors (PE sensors) with a charge output operate reliably with charge amplifiers. On the other hand, piezoelectric sensors with integrated electronics (IEPE sensors) are supplied by Piezotron® couplers which decouple and amplify the signal.

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4-/8-Channel Laboratory Charge Amplifier & Data Acquisition

Type 5167Ax0

Kistler LabAmp 5167Ax0:
Universal laboratory charge amplifier for quasi-static measurements; perfect for applications with multi-component force sensors; integrated data acquisition; Ethernet interface; BNC inputs

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4-/8-Channel Laboratory Charge Amplifier & Data Acquisition

Type 5167Ax1

Kistler LabAmp 5167Ax1:
Universal laboratory charge amplifier for quasi-static measurements with dynamometers; integrated data acquisition; Ethernet interface; Fischer input connector

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Modular Multi-Channel Laboratory Charge Amplifier

Type 5080A

The universal, modular high-end charge amplifier for up to 8 amplifier modules with charge input features an analog 6-component summing calculator.

1-Channel Plug-in Unit to Charge Amplifier Type 5080A

Type 5067A

1-channel high-end charge amplifier on EuroCard with BNC plug (input and output); optional Piezotron input; extremely wide charge and frequency range

1-Channel Handheld Charge Amplifier

Type 5995A

Handy thanks to battery operation, immediate display and evaluation, charge amplifier, preload tester and evaluation in a single device.

1-Channel Inline TEDS Charge Converter Module

Type 5050B

Robust charge-voltage converter (IEPE-compatible at the secondary terminals); TEDS Option; 5 amplification versions (0.1...25 mV/pC); ideal for ceramic high-impedance accelerometers

1-4-Channel Charge Amplifier, adjustable Range up to 1000000 pC

Type 5073A

analogue amplifier for industrial application


  • Open measuring range 100 pC … 1000000 pC
  • Bandwidth ≈ 0 kHz up to 20 kHz
  • *Connector BNC / TNC / D-Sub 9p/15p
  • *Output Voltage / Current
  • Control via IO / RS232


1-Channel Industrial Charge Amplifier

Type 5039A

with analog signal- and peak-output, current output option, switchable ranges, selectable measuring range from 5 000...50 000pC

1-Channel mini Charge Amplifier, Range 100 … 100000 pC

Type 5030A

tiny analogue amplifier for industrial application


  • *measuring ranges 100 pC … 100000 pC
  • Bandwidth ≈ 0 kHz up to 10 kHz
  • Connector 10-32UNF / M12 8p
  • Output Voltage
  • Control via IO


1-Channel Piezotron® Coupler (mains & battery operation)

Type 5118B

1-channel Piezotron (IEPE) coupler; selectable gain and plug-in type low-pass filter; two high-pass filters; operation with built-in batteries, power supply unit or any DC source.

1-Channel Handheld Piezotron® Coupler

Type 5114

Constant current excitation, condition monitoring of sensor and cable, 3.5-character display, operation with built-in battery, power supply unit or any DC source

1-Channel Piezotron® Coupler

Type 5108A

1-channel Piezotron (IEPE) coupler for external supply; simple operation; AC-coupled; reverse-polarity protection

16-Channel Piezotron® Coupler

Type 5148

Constant current excitation for Piezotron (IEPE) sensors; measuring chain monitoring with LEDs; BNC connector on the front and rear sides; can be mounted in standard 19-inch rack

1-Channel Industrial Piezotron® coupler

Type 5127B

Built-in RMS converter and limit switch, plug-in type filters, robust case and vibration-resistant construction

1-Channel Piezotron® Coupler for Acoustic Emission

Type 5125C...

Acoustic Emission Coupler to be used with 8152C... sensor. Built-in RMS converter and limit monitor, plug-in filter modules, rugged case, vibration-proof construction, CE compliant. IS/ATEX options available.

15-Channel K-Beam® MEMS Capacitive Accelerometer Power Supply

Type 5146A15

Convenient, simple to use power supply that provides an interface
between single-ended, differential, one-axis or triaxial output capacitive accelerometers and measuring instruments.

2-Channel Calibration System

Type 5959A

Universal calibrator for quasistatic calibration, high measuring accuracy, powerful software for evaluation and management of calibration data and certificates.

1-4-Channel digital Charge Amplifier, Range 20pC up to 1000000 pC

Type 5074A

digital amplifier for industrial application


  • Open measuring range 20 pC … 1000000 pC
  • Bandwidth ≈ 0 kHz up to 20 kHz
  • Connector KIAG 10-32 UNF neg.
  • Interface: EtherCat, Ethernet/IP or ProfiNet
  • Features: Peak acquisition, Integral, Filter, etc.

Charge Generator, mobile

Type 5363A

battery driven charge generator for functional test and adjustment of charge amplifiers


  • adjustable charge range 0 pC … 100 000 pC
  • Connector BNC neg.
  • Switch for polarity inversion
  • Button for charge ignition