Type CTS-50-B

In the case of a precise reconstruction of motion sequences, damages or injuries, the Biofidelic crash test dummy should be used.


The areas of application of the Biofidelic crash test dummy:


  • Validation attempts e.g. “autonomous driving”
  • Accident reconstruction (occupant tests, pedestrian tests, etc.)
  • Explosive tests or mine tests (e.g. STANAG 4569)
  • Life cycle tests and vibration tests / vibration trials / human vibration
  • Airbag systems (Motorcycle clothing, equestrian sports, cycling, etc.)
  • Verification of amusement park equipment (e.g. roller coasters)
  • Occupational safety and product liability
  • Training object for rescue services (“rescue and recovery”)
  • Testing of protective clothing
  • and many more…