Weigh In Motion (WIM) system KiTraffic Plus

Type 9843A

Weigh In Motion (WIM) with KiTraffic Plus - a software-based modular system that helps to protect infrastructure, prevent accidents and automate traffic monitoring. KiTraffic Plus detects and identifies overloaded vehicles - independent of the driving speed and on a virtually unlimited number of traffic lanes. Precise weight measurements enriched with license plate information are provided in real time through a machine-readable interface or Kistler user interfaces. Hence, KiTraffic Plus enables reliable direct weight enforcement, efficient preselection of overloaded vehicles or automated toll by weight.

The standard options for KiTraffic Plus include these modules, which can be combined as desired:

  • WIM system based on piezoelectric quartz sensors to capture axle load, overall weight and vehicle class
  • Integrated speed measurement
  • Camera with ANPR capability for vehicle photos and numberplate recognition
  • LIDAR dimension scanner to capture a vehicle's width, length and height
  • Kistler DataMatcher software to acquire and synchronize data from the field devices

For more information see kistler.com/wim