Dynamometer Kit: Set of four 3-Component Piezoelectric Load Cells, Triax Force Transducers, Fx, Fy, Fz (Fz up to 60 kN / 13.4 klbf)

Type 9366CC

The dynamometer kit is a set of two 9367C und two 9368C 3-component piezoelectric load cells that perfectly suit for a customized force plate.

The four triax force transducer are especially selected to match in their measurement behaviour and are ground to the same height. The dynamometer kit is delivered pre-loaded, calibrated, wired and summed to the necessary 8 channels.

The piezoelectric force transducer set is immediately ready for measurement.


  • Fx, Fy up to ±25 kN / ±5.62 klbf
  • Fz up to 60 kN / 13.4 klbf
  • Suited for self-designed force plates
(max 25 Mb)