6-Axis Piezo Force/ Torque Sensor, Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz

Type 9306A41

The 6-Axis Piezo Force & Torque Sensor 9306A measures not only forces in all three dimensions according to the piezoelectric effect, but the moments in any spatial direction as well.

A cumbersome calculation of 4 different sensors becomes obsolete and due to the compact load cell design of the 6-Axis Piezo Force & Torque Sensor, the space requirements is minimized.

The 9306A41 is a variant of the 9306A designed to be installation compatible with various strain gauge based 6-axis piezo force & torque sensors on the market.


  • Fx, Fy up to ±5 kN / ±1124 lbf
  • Fz -5...10 kN / -1124...2248 lbf
  • Mx, My up to ±300 N∙m / ±221 ft∙lb
  • Mz up to ±200 N∙m / ±148 ft∙lb
  • Dimensions (D / H) 86 / 62 mm
  • Connector 2x V3 neg.
  • Preloaded and precalibrated, ready to measure