Ceramic Micro-Vibration Force Plate, Force/Torque:

400 x 400mm, -500...500N

Type 9236A2

The piezoelectric high frequency dynamometer type 9236A with its ceramic top plate is especially designed for measurements of very low forces at high frequencies and it is ideally suited for use in vacuum chambers or cleanrooms.

Piezoelectric multicomponent dynamometers measure the three orthogonal components of a force and provides the possibility to easily calculate the corresponding moments. The dynamometer has a ceramic top plate in order to reach the highest possible rigidity and consequently an extraordinary high natural frequency. Its high resolution enables the smallest dynamic changes in small forces to be measured.

  • Fx,y, z: -500 ... 500N
  • Mx,y,z: 0...20Nm
  • Dimensions: 400x400x95mm
  • Ceramic top plate design optimized for high natural frequency performances.