Triaxial Force Sensor, Triaxial Ring Force Transducer, Fx, Fy, Fz (Fz up to ±60 kN / ±13.4 klbf)

Type 9067C, 9068C


Triaxial force sensor for measuring forces in any given direction, regardless of the point of load application. Triaxial ring force transducers of the 90x7 product line quantify all three components of any applied force in highest resolution.

The Triaxial force sensors of the 90x8 line are absolutely identical to those of the 90x7 design, except for the orientation of the coordination system. 


  • For compression, tensile and shear forces
  • Fx, Fy up to ±30 kN / ±6.74 klbf
  • Fz up to ±60 kN / ±13.4 klbf
  • Dimensions (D / d / H)   65 / 26.5 / 21 mm
  • Connector V3 neg.
  • Calibration after installation