Dynamometer Kit: Set of 4 Triax Quartz Rings, Fx, Fy, Fz (Fz up to ±3 kN / ±674 lbf)

Type 9016C4

Dynamometer Kit 90x6C4 contains a set of two triax quartz rings 90x7 and 90x8 each, which can be assembled to a force plate. The 3-Component piezoelectric force sensors are especially selected to match in their measurement behaviour and get ground together to the same height.  

The four triax quartz rings come with a calibration certificate, but have to be calibrated again together, when they are installed in the final structure.


  • Compression, tensile and shear forces
  • Triaxial torque measurement possible
  • Height difference max. 0.003mm
  • Calibration after installation