MEMS Capacitive Accelerometer for low frequency applications

Type 8316A...

The single axis MEMS capacitive accelerometer  family provides high temperature stability, low noise, and high linearity for accurate measurements of low-frequency events from DC up to 2000Hz.

Its ground isolated base and slim line profile make this MEMS acceleration sensor ideal for aviation flutter testing (flight test) applications ,or for automotive durability testing and road load data. This sensor also performs well in bridge structural testing / monitoring, as well as railway rolling stock testing /monitoring . Harsh environmental requirements  is where this sensor’s high temperature stability, and hermeticity makes it ideal.

Available in g ranges from 2g up to 200g, with a wide analog output and cable configurations, the MEMS 8316A…sensor family should suit most of your configuration requirements.  A triaxial version , type 8396A … is also available in our portfolio.


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