Sensor Tester for Cavity Pressure Sensors

Type 5495C

The sensor tester Type 5495C is designed for easy trouble shooting and failure allocation of Kistler cavity sensors. It also can be used to validate the correct mounting of cavity pressure sensors. It is capable of detecting the sensitivity of pressure sensors after installation. In addition the isolation of the measuring chain can be tested. It is now also possible to test temperature sensors including absolute temperature value. Another new feature is the emission of charge signals to test charge amplifiers as well as ComoNeo. The new wireless signal transmission from testpin to handheld device improves usability especially when using it in big molds.

  • Simple on-site inspection of cavity pressure and temperature sensors
  • Direct digital display of the sensitivity results in pC/bar
  • Analysis possibilities of p- and T-sensors as well as p/T sensors
  • The measuring chain can be fully tested by generate a defined charge from the sensor tester
  • Bluetooth-controlled test pin
  • Operation via touch screen
(max 25 Mb)